Starting Zamong

1) Configure Mariadb (Mysql)

        refer to this link

2) Configure httpd service and httpd restart

        refer to this link

3) Start Zamong Server Process

        refer to this link

4) Start Zamong Agent Processes

        refer to this link

Accessing Zamong Dashboard and Zamong Clues

1) Open Chrome Web browser and enter the URL : http://http_server_ip_address/zamong

Zamong Web Dashboard only supports the Chrome browser. The display width should be at least 1500 px. Check Display Width
To view sql text with multibyte language character sets such as Korean,Chinese,Japanese, you need to add 'Chrome Set Character Encoding extension' on your chrome browser.     refer to this link    
If your oracle database have multibyte language characters , Change encoding option with 'Chrome Set Character Encoding extension' in chrome browser when you start zamong web dashboard.

2) Add db alias (oracle database alias)
     (Refer to this link for "db alias")

Zamong Dashboard

For chart descriptions and simple manual, see this link.
Toggle Chart Series
Double-click a Active Session to Check Session Details

Zamong Clues